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As a Certified Life and Weight coach trained at The Life Coach School, Maurie Garr has the skills and knowledge to help you transform any area of your life. 

Maurie has applied what she teaches to lose 30 pounds and discover her super power of mind management.


She will teach you the skill that will change things for you,

one thought at a time.

In just one 30 minute free mini session, you will see how small shifts in your perspective can make all the difference.


Maurie is compassionate, relatable, and fun to talk to! Through her knowledge, I learned to better watch my thoughts on self-worth, recognize the urges I feel when trying to avoid my real feelings, and how to take control of my brain.
Maurie treats you like a friend who genuinely cares about helping you make changes in your life.

Brynna M.

Maurie has a gift for listening.
She has helped me understand the connection between my feelings

and my thoughts.
It’s life changing...

the tiniest shift in how I think

has produced a big change

in my everyday life.

Suzanne J.

Maurie is amazing!

She has helped me so much with being mindful. She is so good at what she does and you can really count on her. She is so smart and great at coming up with ways to help with your individual needs. I love Maurie and would recommend her to anyone!


Katie N.


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or even a small change in your life, look no further.

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