About Maurie


Hello! My name is Maurie Garr and I am a life coach.  My husband and I have four mostly adult kids and a grandbaby, too! I love waffles with homemade syrup, pineapples, and anything to do with sunshine and beaches. 


My life has been full of twists and turns, happy and sad moments. Abortion is part of my story, but it's not my whole story. I used to lack confidence in myself and who I am. I was searching for understanding and peace.

A friend told me she had a life coach and that they didn't spend much time time dwelling on the past. Instead, her life coach helped her discover how to have a better life today and how to build an amazing future. 

I was intrigued.  Soon I started meeting with a life coach.  It completely changed how I viewed myself and I started to let go of the shame and grief I had carried for years.


It wasn’t always easy.


Little by little, I started poking holes in stories I believed about me.  I questioned all of them. In time, I revealed that I am 100% worthy, lovable and whole. That having an abortion didn't change any of it.


It was a long road.  But SO worth it! I learned tools to find the joy and peace that I had been missing.

And I will teach them to you.


You are not alone. The answers to your questions of your value and worth are in you. True peace is waiting.


Let’s find it together.


Maurie is compassionate, relatable, and fun to talk to! Through her knowledge, I learned to better watch my thoughts on self-worth, recognize the urges I feel when trying to avoid my real feelings, and how to take control of my brain.
Maurie treats you like a friend who genuinely cares about helping you make changes in your life.

Brynna M.

Maurie has a gift for listening.
She has helped me understand the connection between my feelings

and my thoughts.
It’s life changing...

the tiniest shift in how I think

has produced a big change

in my everyday life.

Suzanne J.

Maurie is amazing!

She has helped me so much with being mindful. She is so good at what she does and you can really count on her. She is so smart and great at coming up with ways to help with your individual needs. I love Maurie and would recommend her to anyone!


Katie N.